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Why Choose San Antonio?

“San Antonio is familia. You learn about what that word means in every depth and the weight it carries. The children you teach are products of generations that love their home. You feel the love each community has from its bario to school basketball games. You can’t help but be infected by its resilient spirit.” - Syedah Asghar (2014 San Antonio Corps), 7th grade science teacher, Irving Middle School, SAISD
“In my case, I enjoy working in the community I grew up in. I love that our students are so familiar with Mexican American culture and traditions. Parents encourage their little ones to learn the Spanish language, as well as appreciate and acknowledge it considering the history behind Bilingual Education in San Antonio. I love, love, love my co-workers and leadership team. We live out our values and mission inside and outside of our school.” -Maria Rocha (2015 San Antonio corps), 1st grade teacher, KIPP Esperanza Dual Language Academy
“I educate in San Antonio because I understand that there is a need to uplift all communities and I am passionate about creating possibilities for our students that are beyond the lines of economic segregation.” -Lebon James (2012 San Antonio Corps), Instructional Dean, Sam Houston High School, SAISD
“Teaching in San Antonio is great because there is important history that took place here and tremendous pride throughout the city. When you engage and join with the community, there are countless opportunities that makes teaching fulfilling for you and meaningful for all students.” -Samson Patton (2013 San Antonio Corps) 7th grade English teacher, Tafolla Middle School, SAISD

Becoming Certified to Teach

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Our corps members earn Texas teacher certification after one year through The Teacher Orientation and Preparation Program (TOPP). TOPP is a State Board of Educator Certification-approved alternative route to teacher certification coordinated by Education Service Center, Region 20. Certification is given after corps members complete the following: 

  • Pass the TExES certification content exam
  • Pass the TExES certification pedagogy exam
  • Complete Teach For America's Summer Institute
  • Complete training on classroom management, instructional design and delivery, motivational techniques, and student learning modalities
  • Finish one full year of probationary teaching with demonstrated skills in instruction, planning, assessment, and reflection

Although Teach For America -San Antonio does not currently offer a sponsored master's degree program, some corps members successfully pursue a degree program independently. 

Although Teach For America -San Antonio does not have a sponsored master's degree program at this time, corps members have pursued programs independently.

There are no formal partnerships within our region at this time.

Placement School Locations

Subjects And Grade Levels

  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary
  • Bilingual elementary
  • Math (middle school, algebra, pre-calc, calculus, interventions)
  • Science (middle school, biology, chemistry, physics)
  • Social Studies (middle school, government, economics, world history, geography)
  • English
  • Special Education
  • English as a second language

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