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The San Antonio community is rich in beauty. Its history and future is one of dualities – majority minority in population, steeped in traditions that are challenged by burgeoning innovation, rapid growth, seventh largest city with a small town feel. These very dualities make our city so unique and so special, yet they also present some of our greatest needs for progress.

While seventeen school districts comprise Bexar County, the lowest-performing school districts are in San Antonio’s urban core. The urban core is also home to disproportionate percentages of students of color and students growing up in poverty. Indeed, San Antonio ISD (SAISD), the school district in the heart of the urban core, serves 97% Latino and African American student body, 93% of which are considered economically disadvantaged. Students growing up in the urban core face significant and persistent challenges that threaten their ability to thrive and jeopardize their ability to realize their fullest potential. The reality is that students growing up in the urban core do not realize the same quality of education and educational opportunities as their more affluent peers.

TFA is helping to address this issue by fueling the human capital pipeline in education, maximizing partnerships in high-need schools, and fostering the leadership of our alumni to end educational inequity in San Antonio.

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